Inter India Roadways PVT LTD


We, in Edisafe ensure Exclusive Transportation of Edible Cargo through ‘Custom Made’ Trucks.

In These custom made trucks we ensure proper hygiene to be maintained at every point of transit of the cargo.

Mixing of Non-Edible cargo is strictly not allowed as per the guidelines of FSSAI Govt. of India, in any of Truck / Mini cargo vehicle.

Cleanliness and proper hygiene guidelines are strictly followed at consolidation HUB/warehouse.


Inter India Roadways PVT LTD




Risk of Contamination increases while handling/storing and re-loading of the Edible cargo in India.

Most of Transporters consolidate edible cargo along with Haz/Non-Haz chemicals in their trucks.

Proper Hygiene is not maintained by most of Transporters for edible cargo in India.

Risk of contamination at consolidation warehouses as well, no proper hygiene norms are followed by Logistics agents.

Mixing other cargo with Edible / Food commodities is violation of FSSAI Guidelines by Govt. of India.